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Monday, September 15, 2014

Out of Sight |

Please listen to James Taylor's 'If I Keep My Heart Out of Sight' while you read this post because I'm listening to it while drafting this post. 

Actually, I don't have any dramas to share with you, Guys. I just bid goodbye to Midterms and I have to face Finals. Everything when well so far. But there's this commotion that happened. I won't elaborate the deets. I just want to share to you what I've learned while I'm facing that commotion.

Y'know, sometimes, there are things that you don't understand. Some people will be so eager to know the explanation behind the issue they don't understand. I was like that before, but then, as I always say to my friends, I'm a better person now. Not that I'm saying that I'm a bad person before and that it's bad to be so eager to know the explanation behind. It's just that I learned that the biggest understanding you can exert is to say, "I don't understand and it's fine." Some of you will be against that, but for me, why would I squeeze an information if they don't want me to know it? Maybe, they just don't want me to get hurt about the truth. And I'll just leave it to that.

Some feelings and emotions should be kept out of sight so other will stop questioning you. Sometimes, letting your feelings show will make you look like the VILLAIN. Y'know, when the feeling aggravate, you thought of any possible ways to get back to the people who makes your feelings worse. But then, I don't want to be the villain. And I can't contemplate whether to fight back or just let things as they are. And I'll make a stand that I'm gonna keep my feelings out of sight to keep myself from doing things that will hurt others. I know myself and I know that I might hurt others from my behaviors because of how I feel about them. I just chose to keep my feelings to myself so I won't hurt anybody. And because I don't want to be called as the villain. And also, I don't want to do to them what they did to me. I'm a strong believer of 'You can't make things right by doing something wrong.'

As far as I know, I've executed a high level of understanding and patience on this commotion.

End of drama. I've said that I don't have any dramas but as I start typing this, I can't control my fingers, they're so eager to type this dramas. Sorry.

Actually, I titled this post 'Out of Sight' because my cab is still out of sight and my eyes turns to white while waiting for it. Hihi. JK.

But seriously, I liked the vibe that I look lost on the photos. It's been raining like hell that's why I've been dying just to have an outdoor shoot. The sun has already set when the rain stopped that's my it's already dark. But thanks to that, the photos just have a different vibe.

I wore something that's traveler-like clothing. Something comfortable. Something to-go. I just wore my tank top and shorts; and decided to wore an over-sized polo to cover up since it's kinda cold because of the rain. And also, I wore this oh-so-comfy shoes that my Tito gave me. Please note, it's from Spain. Hihi. I'm just thrilled because some of the fashion bloggers that I admire is from Spain and I really love they're style and by wearing a shoe from Spain make me think that somehow I'm on their level. Hihi!

And of course, the highlight of this post is my bag from You all know that my family is celebrating Christmas and New Year in Brunei and it means that I have to travel and I need a perfect travelling bag for it. I'm so happy that have something to offer for those who loves to travel. This bag is really durable because I tried to put a lot of stuff on it and to my suprise it can carry a big amount of weight. Plus, it's really stylish. I actually had a hard time in chosing the best color (it comes with blue, dark blue, apple green and black) because it seems like every color would fit the style of the bag. 

I know, you like me bag. So hurry and go to and shop! They have a lot to offer like; dresses, shirts, bags, shoes and many more!

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Love. Love. Love.
Monique Oloresisimo y Codilla

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Carpe Diem

Carpe diem is a Latin aphorism usually translated "seize the day"

Well, I don't have a lot of dramas today. As I wrote this post, I'm in a big battle against my eyes and maybe my thoughts also, because I'm really sleepy and I have to get up early tomorrow. Well, a blogger will always be a blogger! So I try to collect my thoughts to be able to write this post.

I knew the term "Carpe Diem" with MY Christian Grey (emphasis on MY). I'm sure, most of you know him and I'm sure most of you who know him have experienced the so-called 'Greyism'. Ha! I know the feeling, been there, been that! Just to share this, I've read the Fifty Shades Trilogy six times or more. Ha-ha! Y'know, some guys have problems with girls who's addicted with Christian Grey. I was like, "Hey, what's wrong with it?" I don't see anything wrong with being in love with a fictional character. It's just how you imagined your dream guy, that's it! There's no need to be curious if a girl gets in love with Christian Grey, it's normal!

Let's end that Christian Grey thingy, he's very distracting.

I decided to lessen the drama with this post so I'll continue this post by discussing my outfit. Been back with my comfort zone! The hipster kind of thing. I really like to collect statement shirt like I'm wearing but it's kinda hard to find effinly cool ones. I'm so happy that have this half sleeve printed statement shirt. I've been eager to have a shirt with a print like this --to the extent that I want to print a customized one.  Haha!-- but thanks heavens, they gave me! Plus! This shirt is really comfortable. I really love the cloth of this shirt. It's perfect with the weather here in our country now. And it's white, it has some fresh vibes. I can actually wear it everyday!

So what are you waiting? Place your order now! Link of were to get this shirt will be below!

Watch: BoardWalk Timepiece 

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Love. Love. Love.
Monique Oloresisimo y Codilla

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Paradise Island |

Paradise Island. Oooooh! A place compared to a paradise (online dictionary says). We all have our own images of how Paradise Island would look like. For sure, some of you imagined it to have a lot of foods, sexy girls or hot guys, royal treatments and a whole lot more. But what if, the Paradise Island we imagined didn't really exist?

We people have usually daydream of perfect places or perfect situations. Most of the time, we're stuck on that dream. We're afraid to went out and face the reality because we feel better and secure with our own fantasies. We're afraid to know that reality doesn't look appealing than our dreams.

It's disappointing when you realize that what you dreamed (daydreamed situation) of will never ever happen. It's so silly right? Come to think of it, you daydreamed and then you realize it's impossible to happen. Why daydream, then? But I won't blame anyone out there who loves to daydream. I do that too! But when you got disappointed or hurt, no one's out there to be blamed, just you! 

Daydreaming, assumptions, presumptions and expectations. All of those are the same! We all daydream of what we want to happen on the story of our lives. I'm not against on those who loves to daydream. My point is that we shouldn't live with that. We should always focus on reality. If what we daydreamed of didn't happen we shouldn't be disappointed instead, we should always think that there's a better story in store for us. Right?

End of drama.

Well, this outfit is just my usual style. Comfy and ready-to-go outfit. This pull over comes with a twist! Hihi! I love that the front and back part of this pull over is mesh! It's actually perfect for those to live in tropical country, it can be worn in summer and rainy days. You can wear it every season, all year round! Hihi! Plus, it's design is really tropical! Pineapples! And also, 95 is my number! Birth year! So if I were you, I'll open a new tab on your browser and go shop to! There's a lot of dresses, tees, jackets, pants and pullovers (like mine) on!

Sorry for my face on this post. I just got out from shower
cause I just finished a quick work out.

Love. Love. Love.
Monique Oloresisimo y Codilla

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Impassive is an adjective which means 'not feeling or showing emotions.'

As usual, I'll share some of my thoughts before discussing some stuffs about this Outfit Post.

I could say that it's hard to hide what you feel or to be impassive when you're the type of person that's used to expressing his/her emotions. But as I continue my journey as a person who needs to fit in the world she's moving, I realize that being impassive would be the best way to protect myself.

Sometimes, your emotions puts a big boundary on what your capabilities are. But when you feel no emotions, you'll learn to break down that big boundary and do things you think you can't. 

And sometimes, being emotionless protects you from being hurt or being judged. Our behaviors are affected by our emotions and most of the time, people tend to look on our behaviors than to our emotions. They only see what they want to see. They don't even care with what you feel.

Maybe, most of you won't agree with me when I say that it's better to be impassive. I chose to be impassive most of the time because I know that my emotions can be used against me. It's not that I don't feel any emotions, it's just that I don't like to show it, as much as I could. Because sometimes, people will misinterpret what you feel and you, yourself, will think that your emotions are questionable. It's not that I'm experiencing something right now, it's just that I see it, I saw how people fail because of showing their emotions. And maybe one of my readers will relate on this topic, I just want to share my thoughts about it and maybe he/she will somehow think about what I'm trying to imply.

I'm not saying that showing your emotions is bad. All I'm trying to imply is that, we should be careful in what we feel and showing it to others. Yes, of course, we can't hide it but we should learn how much we can show others what we feel. Being impassive would be the preventive measures from being hurt or being judge. We should be sure in our emotions before showing it off. If you're really sure, why not let the world know about it? Right?

Let's end the drama there.

This Outfit Post would be one of my favorite post because it's a part of the 'being feminine' stuff I'm working on. I'm wearing's Black Dress that I really love. In my previous post, I've said that Black Dress is a part of The Essentials that a girl should have in their closets. It's amazing how an accessory can change your whole look. Actually, I'm planning not to wear any accessories on this outfit because I want to pair the dress with sneakers. Y'know, the old hippy style. But then, I looked in the mirror and think that it's really dull. Then I check on some accessories and tried this oh-so-powerful necklace. And so surprised with the outcome. I look so girly that's why I wore heels that paired the color of my dress.

I'm thinking of putting on a blazer or kimono on this outfit because I'm quite not confident with my shoulders. But then, I think there's nothing to be not confident of, that's why I showed it off. I think I pulled it off. What do you think, Guys?

Love. Love. Love.
Monique Oloresisimo y Codilla

Sunday, June 15, 2014


"If you hold on to someone too hard, that doesn't make them love you" (Once Upon A Time Series)

As usual, realizations before outfit discussion! Well, I must say that I'm a strong believer of Fairy Tales. Not because I believe in magic but because of the lessons we learn from it; and also, the romantic love stories of the Prince and Princess. I really love fairy tales, I even cried of one of the scenes on my favorite fairy tale movie and I also even have this DVD Fairy Tale collection. But, y'know, something's changed. I don't know what is it. I stopped believing there will be 'Happy Endings'. It's not because I grew older that's why I have to let romantic dreams die. Maybe, I just chose to see the real world, the reality. 

I could say that it's sad that I have to forget what I believed in when I was a kid until I grew up. Fairy tales' impact to me is that I should keep moving forward because after all the hardships that I'll have will lead to a 'Happily Ever After'. I told myself, "The hardships in fairy tales are bigger than in the real world, so why give up? Princes and Princesses didn't, so I shouldn't!" So positive right? But that was changed for some reason because I realized that the I'm on the real world, I should have a more realistic perspective.

Lately, I've been watching this TV Series titled Once Upon A Time. Snow White once said that Fairy Tales are there to give hope, that even you suffered a lot, you will find your 'Happily Ever After' if you just don't give up. Quite like my old belief, right? Then I realized, I didn't let go of my belief in Fairy Tales, I just chose to look for some more reasons for me to keep my faith in Fairy Tales. I know, it's funny to see a grown up girl believing in Fairy Tales. But what's wrong in holding on to something that makes you a better person? What's wrong in believing that there's a 'Happily Ever After' for each one of us? 

This is not just about the Fairy Tale thing, it's about hope. Hope that there will always be a better tomorrow for each and everyone of us. Hope that hard works pay off. Hope that all of us deserves to be happy.

Well, let's end that realization stuffs. Let's get on to the outfit discussion! *clap! clap!* Everything that I'm wearing is from My shorts are actually high-waist shorts but I decided to try a new style of wearing my shorts. I tucked in the front part of my top and let back part fall off. Isn't it cool to have an illusion that my upper body is longer? And my legs look thin because of the rolled up part? Yeah, I know, it's cool. May I just relate this outfit to Fairy Tales. My top has designs that looks like the woods, reminds me of the time when the Huntsman is about to rip Snow White's heart, but he let go of her. My bag, it's big, it's durable and it's not that feminine, reminds me of Snow White's bag where she put everything that she robbed (This is a different story from the traditional ones). And my shorts, doesn't reminds of anything in the Fairy Tale but I think it's perfect to wear when you're going to the woods, it's comfy and still stylish!'s items are really one of a kind. Y'know, I can be their Brand Ambassadress because of this post! Ha-ha! Monique Codilla Oloresisimo, Tidestore Brand Ambassadress for The Philippines! Isn't it good to hear that? Ha-ha! JK! 

Location reminds me of the House of The Dwarfs! Looks like where
they're keeping their stuffs for work!

May I just greet all the Fathers out there a Happy Father's Day! Specially to my first love, my Papa!

Love. Love. Love.
Monique Oloresisimo y Codilla

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


As usual, this post will start with my realizations before really discussing this outfit post.

I titled this post as Awake not because I'm still awake at this very late moment. These days, there are a lot of this that actually woke me up. I don't know how to put it into words but I'll try my best to express what should be expressed. 

First, I was told to try to change my style of clothing because I'm already a
grown up and I should try to become and look more feminine. I've been thinking of not to take the advice to be more feminine but then, something woke me up and I was just, "Hey! I should really try to be more girly! I maybe should try to change what people think of me." This is not just actually about dressing up, it's also about myself. I really should try to get out of my comfort zone to be able to see what my limits are.

Second, while I was looking on my photos, I realized that I really gained weight and my color is so tanned as ever. I was just looking at the monitor and keep on saying to myself, "You did that to yourself! You're ugly! No one will like you." But then, my realizations woke me up that even I gained weight and got tanned, I shouldn't blame myself and I should try my best to be better. And I shouldn't worry if I'm ugly or no one will like me because at the first place, I have myself with me and I like myself, actually, I love myself. No circumstances will change that.

Finally, I was awake because of the alarm clock. JK! No, but seriously, I realized that this school year is just about to start. I'm already in my 4th Year as a college student, ECE Student. I've got to far and I should take my studies more seriously. I should be more mature in managing my time in school and in other personal stuff that I'm doing. As that said, I'm already saying sorry if I'll be MIA in the coming days. Jooooke! I promise to manage my time wisely so that nothing will be left behind. 

With this outfit post, I tried to be more feminine. Actually, my top and my pants are my Mom's. Yes! I really love the old school vibe of this outfit. And let my just say that I'm wearing heels. Yes, heels! I'm so proud of myself that I survive standing for almost 2 hours! Let me know how proud you are to me! I'll just say that I'm worried of wearing this outfit because I might look odd or weird or any adjectives synonymous to that because this is not the usually style people see nowadays. But then, I know that I pulled it off!

My bag is from It's one of my favorite bags and it's perfect for the coming school opening. It looks like it can't carry a lot of thing but it's just the looks. I tried putting a lot of things inside it. I'm afraid it my might not carry the heavy stuff I put inside it and to my surprise, it survived! I tried to do it again and it's survived again. Durability? Check! Style? Check! Affordability? Check! This is the perfect bag for students like me that brings a lot of stuffs in school but still want to use a stylish bag! To my co-students out there that started or will be starting this school year, this bag from is a must have!

This outfit can be worn in school too! 
Too bad, we have uniforms! Try this style, Guys!

If you're not comfortable with heels, sneakers or
any shoe (that you're comfortable with) will also go with it.

Students, keep in mind that we should always put our studies first! Be responsible and mature about your studies! Enjoy the school year!

Love. Love. Love.
Monique Oloresisimo y Codilla