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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Chasing Pavement |

Hi, Guys! It's been sometime, huh. I was busy with school as always but this time, I'm oh-so-really-busy because of my thesis. Tonight is just my free time to post so I what it to be a boom! 

I started drafting this post without thinking of what will be its title so I listened of the song I have on my playlist and try to listen of anything significant or fitted for this post.

Five days ago, I finally received this package from! Ugh, I hate the system of the customs in our country. Moving on. So I know what's inside the parcel so while I was walking my way somewhere, I decided to open the parcel because I was so excited to see my favorite item that sent me. I rode a jeep (public transportation in the Philippines) and I'm still trying to open the parcel because it was too secured. Finally, when I opened it, this 

Simple Design Rhinestone Studded Ring Posh Midi Ring is the first thing that I saw. And the ring is all that mattered to me that moment. Haha! JK!  It was so elegant, I don't have words for it. I looks like it cost a fortune and sells it in a very reasonable price. That's why I wore it right away, in front of the people around me inside the jeep. I have this stupid grin on my face while I was looking at the ring and some of the passengers in the jeep kept their eyes on me and my ring, maybe they're thinking, "Oh, someone proposed to her in a super weird way." Haha! I don't care what they are thinking. I love my ring. Period!

Just to clarify, I like wearing my ring on my ring finger on my left hand. It doesn't mean that I'm engaged or in a relationship. I'm very busy, so busy. I'm busy. Period! No time for those.

While I was finishing this post, I still haven't came up with a proper time for this post. So I kept on listening... After 13479138 minutes, I decided to title this post Chasing Pavements. I'm not going to explain why because this post will be a dramatic on if I do.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Hi, Guys! Woohoo! I'm oh-so-back! So sorry that it took me some time to post. It just that when I got home from Brunei, school projects, laboratory reports and personal stuffs welcomed me. Plus, there have been a problem with the items I ordered online, maybe problem with the local custom? I don't know. Let's end this intro to that note.

Sepia. I got this title with my niece when she tried to wear this sunnies from and said, "Sepia?" If we ask Google, Sepia is a reddish-brown color, named after the rich brown pigment derived from the ink sac of the common cuttlefish Sepia. Maybe, most of you think that I'm gonna relate it to a life situation slash drama slash HUGOT stuff that I usually do. But no, I don't have any dramas to share now. I promise to myself that I won't be too dramatic on my post this year. But then, I always broke my promises so I can be dramatic sometimes. Hihi.

I've been drafting two posts and decided to post this one instead of the other one because my next post is so close to my heart. It's related to the one that I really love. I'm having second thoughts of posting about it because people might judge. Does having said that makes all of you itchy to know that I'm going to post next? Hihi! Wait next week or next week after the next.

I decided to wear my new skirt from with my floral shirt. Lonely, that's just the print on my shirt, that's not what I'm feeling right now, just to be clear. Hihi. I tried something playful and girly this time. And I love this new sunnies, again, from It's so retro and so stylish. It actually hit the floor several times and to my surprise, it's still okay. Well, it's from! Style and Quality, it's OASAP!


Monique Oloresisimo y Codilla

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Okay. So tonight, today (it's 12 am when I'm doing post), I'm a bit emotionally hammered. I don't want to post anything when I'm not in the right frame of emotions. But then, I can't stop my mind from thinking and I can't stop my fingers from moving. So here's what I've got to share with you. Before that, I want to explain the I drafted a post in my tablet focusing on the word "Standards" without knowing that my post should be titled as "Standard." Well, that's one of the disadvantage of writing on the wrong mood. I already upload these photos that's why  I can't edit it anymore, oh well, I can edit it but I'm too lazy to edit it. So here it is...

Standards. What does standards really means? For me, it a set of qualifications to fit someone's desire or taste. We all have our own standards. Some want it to be simple but some want it to be so fabulous. We're all different from one another, we have different point of views, and that affects our decisions in setting our standards. But it's funny that though we set our standards in our minds, sometimes, we end up forgetting about it and letting things go. Y'know, there are some circumstances that our standards shouldn't be followed like it should be, because we execute high levels of understanding and patience in some situations. I always find it wierd because most of us broke our own standards just to fit on the standards of others or standards of the world. Things won't always be fair, you just have to learn not to mind it and live your life. Eventually, you'll just feel it like it's normal, like things are fair. It's so hard to live in this world and keep up with people around you because like you, they have their standards to follow.

End the drama there. Well about what I wore in this Outfit Post, I wore this Printed Shirt from OASAP. I really love every detail of this shirt because I think the style fit anybody's standards. I wore a high waist pants to match because as you all know, I have a problem with my upper body. Since my upper body is kinda long, normal length shirts looks like cropped shirt for me. It looks hanging. So I have to think of something that will make the shirt normal fitting for me though it's kinda short. I paired it to my heels because I'm practicing to wear something formal. Because at school, Monday is Formal Attire Day. Well, for me, this outfit looks formal. Thanks to the heels. Heels are really GOD Given Gift to women! Hihi! 

Wanna steal this style? Check the outfit details below!

Tried to match the outfit with flats. 
Which fits perfectly, Heels or Flats?

Outfit Details
Pants: Mom's Wardrobe
Flats: Spain
Watch: BoardWalk Timepiece

Love. Love. Love.
Monique Codilla Oloresisimo

Friday, November 7, 2014


Do I feel like I've been MIA these days or have I been really MIA these days? Either way. Hihi!  I've been busy these days. But I know that's not a good reason to give. It just happened that I have to submit two projects (group and individual) for these semester plus I have finals. Well, we have to make sacrifices. And sacrifices really pay off, I passed all my subjects this sem! Woohoo!

Let's end the intro to that. I have some dramas to share! Hihi! 

SpongBob. We all know that SpongeBob does what he wants to do. Y'know, when he feel it, he do it. Sometimes I want to be like SpongeBob, someone that does not think of what will people feel with what I do. Sometimes, all we need is freedom to finally feel happy.

But we don't have to be always like SpongeBob because we have to regard some people's emotions with every actions we make. Y'know, Newton's Third Law of Motion, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I know, you'll say that I'm being Squidward if I say that I hate people who don't regard what I'm gonna feel with the actions they make.

We have a choice if we want to be SpongBob or Squidward. What ever's gonna be our choice, we have to make sure that we don't harm anyone. And if someone really shred your emotions because they don't regard what you're gonna feel, don't think that they did that in purpose. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Think of the bright side. Be SpongeBob!

About this outfit. This sweatshirt arrived on a perfect timing. First, it's Halloween. Well, I didn't wear this on a Halloween Party but I think that this is a perfect outfit if you're too busy to think of what you're going to wear or you're just like me who doesn't want to give out such big effort when it come to our Halloween Costumes. Plus, the weather in our country is getting cold, not as cold as some countries. Northeast Monsoon brings the coldness of the climate nowadays in the country so I think I'm gonna wear this my SpongBob Sweatshirt from more often. I hope this comes with a sweatpants. 

Love my SpongBob Sweatshirt? Go to and shop now! They ship for free worldwide over $50 worth of shopping items!

Love. Love. Love.
Monique Codilla Oloresisimo