Saturday, November 7, 2015

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Hi, Guys! My last post was last February, it's been it's been 9 months since then. Maybe some of you thought that my blog is already deleted. But this post is to assure you that my blog is alive and kicking. Haha! I have been busy with school after that, I have my OJT (On-The-Job Training) and then school again. I really don't have time to post or entertain comments in the past few months. Then, I received a lot of sponsorship emails. I tried to draft posts for them but then school has been pulling me away from blogging. Hay! Priorities! I actually forgotten that I have a blog to run because of my priorities. Not that I don't consider my blog as my priority but these priorities are bigger than life.

This morning, I received an email from and I see this email as a  sign that I should go back to blogging. I feel hesitant in doing this post because I'm afraid to know if I lost my writing skills. Then I realized, in blogging, there is no need for excellent writing skills because the key to have a great post is to write what you have in your mind and your heart. 

So when I received's email, I did an Online Window Shopping to their shop. Is there a thing like online window shopping? Well I looked around their online shop but I didn't buy anything so it is online and it is window shopping, so it is Online Window Shopping! Haha! As I looked around their shop, these dresses caught my attention. On my last thesis defense, I wore a dress from It is so classy and formal that's why I looked for more dresses because I'll be having a thesis defense on February or March. Dresses from brings out the classy, formal and confident girl inside me. So I sure as heck that I'm a gonna buy one for my upcoming thesis defense. 

Here are the dresses I'm choosing from and I'm suggesting you get whenever you need a classy and formal dress: 

Chic Stand Collar Bow Waist A-line Dress for $21.99 only

Navy Spaghetti Straps Floral Print Midi Dress for only $12.99

Essential Crossover Skater Dress for only $17.99

Navy Blue Slim Fit Mini Dress for only $15.99

Exquisite Solid Neckline Navy Pencil Dress for only $17.99

Monique Codilla Oloresisimo


  1. These are gorgeous dresses! I love the pale blue cross over one :D


  2. You have an amazing blog! Thank you for visiting mine, I'm following you now :) <3

  3. very nice dress

  4. Cute dresses :)
    Thanks for visited my blog <3
    I followe u back :*


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