Sunday, December 14, 2014


Okay. So tonight, today (it's 12 am when I'm doing post), I'm a bit emotionally hammered. I don't want to post anything when I'm not in the right frame of emotions. But then, I can't stop my mind from thinking and I can't stop my fingers from moving. So here's what I've got to share with you. Before that, I want to explain the I drafted a post in my tablet focusing on the word "Standards" without knowing that my post should be titled as "Standard." Well, that's one of the disadvantage of writing on the wrong mood. I already upload these photos that's why  I can't edit it anymore, oh well, I can edit it but I'm too lazy to edit it. So here it is...

Standards. What does standards really means? For me, it a set of qualifications to fit someone's desire or taste. We all have our own standards. Some want it to be simple but some want it to be so fabulous. We're all different from one another, we have different point of views, and that affects our decisions in setting our standards. But it's funny that though we set our standards in our minds, sometimes, we end up forgetting about it and letting things go. Y'know, there are some circumstances that our standards shouldn't be followed like it should be, because we execute high levels of understanding and patience in some situations. I always find it wierd because most of us broke our own standards just to fit on the standards of others or standards of the world. Things won't always be fair, you just have to learn not to mind it and live your life. Eventually, you'll just feel it like it's normal, like things are fair. It's so hard to live in this world and keep up with people around you because like you, they have their standards to follow.

End the drama there. Well about what I wore in this Outfit Post, I wore this Printed Shirt from OASAP. I really love every detail of this shirt because I think the style fit anybody's standards. I wore a high waist pants to match because as you all know, I have a problem with my upper body. Since my upper body is kinda long, normal length shirts looks like cropped shirt for me. It looks hanging. So I have to think of something that will make the shirt normal fitting for me though it's kinda short. I paired it to my heels because I'm practicing to wear something formal. Because at school, Monday is Formal Attire Day. Well, for me, this outfit looks formal. Thanks to the heels. Heels are really GOD Given Gift to women! Hihi! 

Wanna steal this style? Check the outfit details below!

Tried to match the outfit with flats. 
Which fits perfectly, Heels or Flats?

Outfit Details
Pants: Mom's Wardrobe
Flats: Spain
Watch: BoardWalk Timepiece

Love. Love. Love.
Monique Codilla Oloresisimo


  1. Like your point of view true we all different,You look stunning awesome outfit.

  2. Lovely!


  3. Nice tshirt :3 we have our own standard, cant more agree with that

  4. Cool look
    All the best

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  6. Perfect look, love your cool shirt. *__*
    Lovely greets nessa

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  8. I like your outfit, Dear. Hope you feel better now.

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  9. What a real cool look! It s interesting writer mood...

  10. Love your style :)


  11. Love the T-shirt :) ♥

  12. Great top :D

  13. Cute photos, thanks for checking out my blog

  14. You look marvelous, girl. Love the cute top.

  15. Cute look! Kisses.

  16. You look so pretty in these colors :)))


  17. nice tee!

  18. nice post
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  19. You're so cute. Love that you get stuff from your mom's wardrobe.

    Jessica |

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