Thursday, August 28, 2014

Carpe Diem

Carpe diem is a Latin aphorism usually translated "seize the day"

Well, I don't have a lot of dramas today. As I wrote this post, I'm in a big battle against my eyes and maybe my thoughts also, because I'm really sleepy and I have to get up early tomorrow. Well, a blogger will always be a blogger! So I try to collect my thoughts to be able to write this post.

I knew the term "Carpe Diem" with MY Christian Grey (emphasis on MY). I'm sure, most of you know him and I'm sure most of you who know him have experienced the so-called 'Greyism'. Ha! I know the feeling, been there, been that! Just to share this, I've read the Fifty Shades Trilogy six times or more. Ha-ha! Y'know, some guys have problems with girls who's addicted with Christian Grey. I was like, "Hey, what's wrong with it?" I don't see anything wrong with being in love with a fictional character. It's just how you imagined your dream guy, that's it! There's no need to be curious if a girl gets in love with Christian Grey, it's normal!

Let's end that Christian Grey thingy, he's very distracting.

I decided to lessen the drama with this post so I'll continue this post by discussing my outfit. Been back with my comfort zone! The hipster kind of thing. I really like to collect statement shirt like I'm wearing but it's kinda hard to find effinly cool ones. I'm so happy that have this half sleeve printed statement shirt. I've been eager to have a shirt with a print like this --to the extent that I want to print a customized one.  Haha!-- but thanks heavens, they gave me! Plus! This shirt is really comfortable. I really love the cloth of this shirt. It's perfect with the weather here in our country now. And it's white, it has some fresh vibes. I can actually wear it everyday!

So what are you waiting? Place your order now! Link of were to get this shirt will be below!

Watch: BoardWalk Timepiece 

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Love. Love. Love.
Monique Oloresisimo y Codilla


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  2. Cool outfit nice watch.

  3. Lovel t_shirt Miss! I love your watch too!

  4. Great shirt, amazing print. Beautiful watch. :)
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  5. Good Morning Monique,
    I've always loved this saying, "CARPE DIEM." And what a great way to say it by wearing a t-shirt with the words on it. Casual clothes are the best, right? I'm off to check the link out now.

    Carpe Diem, my friend!


  6. Love the simple outfit :)

    Adhi Wahyudi

  7. Lovely t shirt <3

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  8. That wrist watch is really exotic.

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  10. Great outfit ! :)

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  14. this outfit looks so good for a day to school omg love!!

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  15. Great tee Miss! Very cool!

  16. Nice look! kisses!

  17. beautiful watch!

  18. I really like the accessories, but what is SWA?

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  19. Amazing tee !


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  21. Amazing look!!

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  24. Love the watch and the tshirt is very cool. x


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  26. Lovly watch !!!!!! <3 greetings from Poland :)

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