Monday, April 14, 2014

Purple Sole X The Slim Kid Inside Giveaway Winners

I know that this announcement of winners is kinda late. Sorry. It's just that I have a whole day class everyday plus I have a long travel going to the training center from home that's why I'm really out of myself almost everyday. But it's just the announcement of winners that comes late. I already contacted the sponsor of the giveaway to let them now that I already picked the winners and also, I already contacted the winners.

I know I've been so MIA most of the times and forget to leave some comments on the posts of most of my readers. All I'm saying is, I'm really thankful to have such lovely readers who are ready to participate to my giveaways and also, leave a comment on most of my posts. I can't promise that I'll be active this summer, because, y'know, vacation is just out somewhere in the corner. But after holy week, I'll be posting all the delayed posts I have on my drafts.

Thanks for does who joined the giveaway!

Winners, please check your emails!

Love. Love. Love.
Monique Oloresisimo y Codilla

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