Thursday, November 17, 2016

Adjust |

Hi, Guys! I don't have much dramas for everyone for this post, but I still have, of course. So let's get on it. I'm really not good with adjusting with anything. I don't like changes. Once I got used to something, I don't want to change it anymore. Maybe because I'm afraid that that change will change me too or that change will result to another not-so-good change. When I graduated, I moved to a dorm together with my two friends for our review classes, which is kind of far from our homes. I was only given two days to adjust and I freaking hate it. I don't like changing the way my life was. But as time goes by, I got used to living away from home. And that's like two or three months before I take my board exams and go back home. Then the time comes that I have to go back home and I need to adjust again. What I realize here is that, changes will always be present in our lives that's why we should not be afraid to it. We need to adjust and adapt with the changes that comes our way and hope for the best.

As for adjustment, I know that one of you experienced buying a necklace online and then when you received it, it just felt tight and you don't know what adjustments you'll do. Like you're chained. You don't even know what to do anymore. You don't want to use it or you just want to throw it so far away that you'll never see it again. Haha! Factors are, you received the wrong size, the online shop you bought it from doesn't provide list of sizes or the model of the necklace have small neck and it appears fine. I had the problem with my neck size. I don't know it's size that's why I just look that the photos and buy. Then when I got the package and tried it on and experience what's written above. Haha! GOOD THING, there's BornPrettyStore and they sell this 1 Pc Elegant Pearl Pendant Necklace Stylish Pearl Tassel Necklace Jewelry Decoration that's adjustable. Just move the circle thingy attached and you can wear it the way you like it. You can wear it like a choker or just a normal necklace. Aside from being size-friendly (Is that even a term?!), it is so elegant, classy and can match anything you wear. Another GOOD THING, other than the obvious that BornPrettyStore sells good quality and affordable products, they provided information about their products which makes shopping and making decisions easy.

My right eye looks like it's been punched. Haha!

Monique Codilla Oloresisimo